What being part of a Riverside Vineyard Worship Team means

Worship is one of the highest values for us in the Vineyard. Being part of the worship team is a blessing, a privilege and responsibility.

  • It takes commitment

  • requires good character

  • a reasonable proficiency on your instrument / vocals and

  • a good connection and relationship with the team.

What we aim to do as we lead people in worship is to make it as easy as possible for them to meet with Jesus, come to know Him, worship Him and experience His love for them - ours is a serving role, not a glamorous one.


As part of worship at Riverside Vineyard, we really want you to feel committed to the vision and values of our church community. We don’t have a formal “membership”, but the following are helpful indicators that Riverside Vineyard is home to you:

  • attending weekend services regularly

  • being part of a Small Group

  • serving on a weekend team and,

  • for your personal benefit and discipleship, giving financially

Our Values in worship:

  • Intimacy

  • Integrity

  • Accessibility

  • Kingdom Expectation

  • Passion

Read more about what we mean by these values here.


Other aspects of your commitment to serving on a Sunday or weekend worship team would be:

  • Developing your personal relationship with Jesus (worship, bible, prayer)

  • committing to regular rehearsals

  • being on time out of respect for other team members

  • developing your skill and gifting

  • Mentoring and coaching new team members


We understand that life happens, so when you find you can’t fulfil a commitment:

  • Please get in touch with your team leader to discuss with them as soon as possible.

  • If you need to make a swap for a week, please discuss with your team leader who you’re thinking of swapping with and then make the swap directly rather than leave it to your team leader

  • If you can’t make a rehearsal, please discuss as soon as possible with your team leader whether they’re comfortable with you playing on the weekend - if they aren’t please offer to make a swap.