Small Groups | Doing life together


We want Riverside Vineyard to work really well for you, and for this to happen we believe it’s really important to be part of a Small Group.

Small Groups meet across the week and at different times and there are 2 different types:

Home Groups meet in people's homes or at the church centre, to look at the bible & share with each other, to meet socially and share God's love in their communities.

Focus Groups are centred on a specific activity, like Prayer, Bible Study, Football or even to grow veg on our allotment.

To find a Small Group, Click on a day that works best for you OR take a look at the map below, search by address or filter by day OR Click here for a list of all the groups. Click ‘sign up’ and we will connect you with the group OR Chat to someone at the welcome point on a Sunday.

Feel free to try 2-3 out and find one that works for you…


Small Groups connection card