School Years 1-6

Starburst, Skittles, Ignite

What's Happening This Term and How You Can Take Part


Below is the teaching plan for school years 1-6 on a Sunday morning. Click on any given week to see what the topic is and what you can do at home with your children to make the topic come alive to them. 

We are using Connected Hearts Material by Elaine Webster. You can check out her website on:

(Riverside Material will appear here closer to the time once the material has been written).

Date              Team        Subject

6 January 1 Priceless

13 January 2 I choose to think the best


20 January 3 Honour- Helping Others

27 January 4 Honour- Why do I?

3 February 1 Honour- Conflict

10 February 2 Daniel 1

17 February 3 Daniel 2

24 February 4 Daniel 3

3 March 1 Jesus of history

10 March 2 Jesus, God’s Son

17 March 3 Jesus our healer Craft Template

24 March 4 Jesus our teacher

Craft Template

31 March 1 Jesus our friend

7 April 1 Jesus our reconciler

14 April 2 Palm Sunday

21 April 3 Easter Sunday (Special Service)

Guidebook 4-7s

Guidebook 8-11s

28 April 4 Daniel 4