Pre-reception and Reception


What's Happening This Term and How You Can Take Part


Below is the teaching plan for pre-reception and reception children on a Sunday morning. 

We are following the Connected Hearts material and have adapted the sessions for this age group. We will upload the sessions as we put them together.

If it is Riverside Material - you will notice closer to the time that you can click on it and access ideas for connecting with what we chatted about that morning and what you can do during the week.





















Resources and tools:

Children Hearing God

Children and Worship

Date          Team                 Subject                          

2 September   1          Helping others belong

9 September   2          I am a messenger

16 September 3          I carry joy

23 September 4         Vision Sunday                            

30 September 3         I carry peace

7 October        1         Intimacy- Living Word 1

14 October      2         Intimacy- Living Word 2

21 October      3         Honour- Sacrifice

28 October      4         Honour- Judgement of others

4 November    1         Honour- Judgement 2

11 November   2        Pass- Listening to God for others Skittles down for Ministry Time

18 November   3        Honour Labels- Names that stick Ignite down for Ministry Time

25 November   4       Priceless- Seeing the worth of others Starburst down for Ministry Time

2 December     1       Christmas Party

9 December     -       No Morning Services

16 December   -       All Age Christmas Celebration at 10:30am

23 December   -      No Services

24 December   -      Night before Christmas service

25 December   -     Christmas Day service at 10:30am