As part of Thy Kingdom Come, we're encouraging everyone to join us in praying for
8 minutes at either 8am or 8pm. We'll be sending out a little encouragement by
email each day just until Pentecost Sunday on 9th June.


29 MAY- Today, we’re praying for 5 not-yet-Christian friends

Pray for your five not yet Christian friends or family:

  • To know there is a God who loves them

  • To meet Jesus

  • That you would have an opportunity to share your faith with them

    • To help you remember to pray, why not take a piece of string or cord, and tie five knots in it to represent each of the five people you are praying for. Use the knots to remind you to pray for each person throughout the next 10 days.

30 MAY- Today, we’re praying for Storehouse

  • Pray for all our clients - that they would receive help in their time of need & ultimately that they would know there is a God who loves them

  • Pray for our amazing Storehouse team as they serve those in need

  • Pray for the Open Hand development project -

  • Pray for the money management (CAP) course to help and bring freedom to those who need it.

  • Pray that Storehouse would be full of food donations!

  • Pray for strong community connections with business, school and other local organisations.

31 MAY- Today, we’re praying for the Youth

  • Pray for the boldness to be Jesus in their own world

  • Pray that they would make good life choices

  • Pray for healthy relationships - at home and school

  • Pray for encouraging friendships at school

  • Pray that our young people would find their identity in Jesus, knowing they carry the power to change the world around them.

1 JUNE - Today, we’re praying for mission - reaching out to others

  • Pray that the good news of Jesus will spread rapidly in our communities

  • Pray for our Alpha team as they plan ahead

  • Pray for those people that you are connecting with - your neighbours, work colleagues, family members

  • Pray for the teams out on the street this month in Basingstoke, Staines, Feltham & Hounslow

2 JUNE - Today, we’re praying for our worshipping community

  • Pray for everyone at one of our services today - 9.30, 11.15 and the “Healing Night” at The Gathering at 6.30pm

  • Pray for our worship teams as they lead us into God’s presence

  • Pray for the Bible to be taught powerfully & applied with courage

  • Pray for God’s healing power to be released as we pray for people today

  • Pray for kids and youth teams

3 JUNE - Today, we’re praying for each of us to be Jesus in the world

  • Expressing God’s love to friends, neighbours, work colleagues

  • Help us to see the needs of people in our lives, and how to meet those needs in a way that pleases God

  • Show us places where we can serve and grow as disciples of Jesus

  • Pray for courage to share the love of Jesus in the places where we are today

4 JUNE - Today, we’re praying for Young Vineyard

  • Pray that our YV children will know how much they are loved by God and that they would say Yes to following Jesus.

  • Pray they’d grow in real relationship with Jesus through worship, talking and listening to God, reading the Bible & living everyday supernatural lives

  • Thank God for our wonderful YV team and ask for more leaders and team to be involved, pray for faith to be bold and lead the children into kingdom living.

  • Pray for our children to have opportunities to share their faith and pray for their friends in school and at home and wherever they are.

  • Pray that our children would find their identity in Jesus and would know that they carry the power to change the world around them.

  • Pray that our children would find their confidence, self-esteem, and security in Christ

  • Thank God for the number of families, kids and childminders from the community who come along to Busy Bees (Toddlers Group) every Tuesday. Pray that the team would be able to share Jesus with them and that they would connect with other things going on at Riverside. We are thinking of running an alpha course alongside Busy Bees in the autumn- please pray for people to come along and to find Jesus.

5 JUNE - Today, we’re praying for Small Groups

  • Pray for everyone at Riverside Vineyard to find a small group that helps them to share life well with others

  • Pray for all our small group leaders and their teams as they help us to connect well with God and each other

  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to release creativity amongst us; for courage to try new things, and boldness to take risks

6 JUNE - Today, we’re praying for Outreach Ministries

  • Thank God for the volunteers at Meeting Place who facilitate English language classes - pray for a growth in the team, and for the students to come to know that God loves them personally

  • Thank God for the abundance of food grown by the Storehouse allotment team and ask blessing on each family who receives the food

  • Thank God for opportunities for teams to minister in our local prisons & detention centres. Pray blessing on every conversation and the Holy Spirit to open eyes and hearts to God’s love

  • Pray for the wonderful opportunities that the Drop-in cafe opens up, and for the community and belonging that are made possible

  • Pray for the gospel choir and connections into our local communities

7 JUNE - Today, we’re praying for our Nation | Read 1 Timothy 2:1-4

  • Think about the role that government plays in our lives today. Pray that Jesus’ Kingdom would be the foundation of law and leadership in our nation

  • Pray for our Prime Minister, the Cabinet and name your own MP and ask God to give them and all national leaders wisdom and grace

  • Pray for 2 things happening in or affecting our nation at the moment. Ask for God’s truth and wisdom to illuminate our world.

  • Pray that the deep divisions within our nation would be healed

  • Pray for the education sector, including schools, colleges, universities, teachers, children and families

  • Pray for businesses to run with integrity and to be creators of opportunity

  • Pray for the media & entertainment industries in our nation

8 JUNE - Today, we’re praying for all who are involved in creating community at Riverside Vineyard

  • Thank God for all who serve at Riverside Vineyard in whatever capacity.

  • Pray for our staff team, for wisdom and direction in making decisions, for courage and strength implementing vision

  • Thank God for the trustee team, asking that He continue to empower them with wisdom & insight

  • Pray for the pastoral assistants as they bring expertise & experience to enrich our church community

  • Pray for all the team overseers & ministry leaders as they build and lead teams, pursuing God's vision with courage & determination

  • Pray for the many volunteers who serve throughout the week using their gifts and skills to serve others and glorify God

9 JUNE - It’s PENTECOST! Join us for Thy Kingdom Come prayer tonight at 6.30pm!


Come, O Holy Spirit.
Come as Holy Fire and burn in us,
come as Holy Wind and cleanse us within,
come as Holy Light and lead us in the darkness,
come as Holy Truth and dispel our ignorance,
come as Holy Power and enable our weakness,
come as Holy Life and dwell in us.
Convict us, convert us, consecrate us,
until we are set free from the service of ourselves,
to be your servants to the world. Amen.