What is Storehouse

Storehouse aims to support those in our community who are in financial crisis whether in receipt of benefits or not, on a referral basis.


Who can use our services?

Referrals can be made for individuals or families who live within
the TW postcodes Referrals can be made for a wide range of circumstances. Examples of those we have helped are:

  • People who have fled domestic violence

  • Homeless

  • Asylum seekers

  • Individuals and families who are experiencing severe financial hardship.


Who can refer?

We only accept referrals made by frontline professionals in the education, health or social care sector. (G.Ps, Social Workers, Health Visitors, School Representatives, Citizens Advice Bureau etc.).

It is essential that the referrer can asses the clients circumstances, as we rely on professional expertise to refer families only in genuine need.

The client will not undergo any further assessment by us on their initial referral, as we believe your professional opinion is enough, but from time to time we might contact you to confirm information.


Who can I refer?

Clients can be reffered for one or more of the following:

Food Storehouse
Emergency food bags - containing long life food and fresh fruit and vegetables. A referral here last 6 months and clients can access this service up to 6 times.

Children's Storehouse
Children's clothes & shoes, 0-11 yrs including school uniforms, toys and books. A referral lasts for up to 12 months and clients can access this service 4 times

Baby's Storehouse
Clothing & equipment for babies & newborns. A referral can be a one-off or can last for up to 12 months.


What about Re-referrals?

If you wish to Re-refer a client please contact us first, all re-referrals need to be verified with us before being accepted. This helps us to be aware and be updated on any changes to the client's welfare and circumstances so that we are able to help and support clients most effectively.

Storehouse is meant to be used as a short term basis only, but we do appreciate that people with more complex circumstances may need further assistance.