The Christmas story is a story of encounter; in Jesus, God meets us with his new life. So it’s a great time of year for us to share his new life with others.  There are a number of different #LoveChristmas events.

To be a part of it, pick one or two that you would like to be a part of and sign up to help on this page!


Give Financially

By giving to our Storehouse Christmas fund, you can help bless people in our community,

allowing families to buy brand new toys for their children.


Join the Team for the Storehouse Christmas Party - 9th Dec

Christmas Hamper Night
13th Dec, 6.30-7.30pm.

Join us on the 13th December to pack luxury hampers to bless people in our communities. If you can't make it on the 13th, simply donate an item via the box in the auditorium.

Sign up here to say you're coming along!


Basingstoke Christmas Giveaway
9th Dec, 1pm-2pm. 

Come and join Steve & Lucy Barclay on the streets of Basingstoke for our Christmas giveaway - Simple random acts of kindness and seeing what the Lord wants to do in the people we meet.

Simply come to Basingstoke & get involved
(Drop us an email for more info)


Bless your own community!

What dreams do you have for something this Christmas in your street, workplace, school or college? Maybe it's inviting neighbours around, singing carols, blessing those sleeping rough or delivering Christmas invites with your small group.

We'd love to know how you can help and what you're up to - let us know here or by using the hashtag #LoveChristmas on social media.