About Equip

Equip is an important part of discipleship at Riverside Vineyard, designed to encourage and equip us.
Choose from one of our 3 week or one evening workshops. You can sign up to any of the options below.

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If you have never taken part in Equip, we could encourage you to sign up to Connect: Riverside Vineyard Essentials first.

What to expect on the night?

Make your way to the building through our main entrance. We know a lot of you will have come from a busy day so we'll be serving refreshments in the lobby from 7.45pm, before sessions begin at 8.00pm.  


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1 Week Session

SATURDAY 20TH OCTOBER | 10am-3pm. Coffee from 9:45pm.


Leadership Essentials

An introduction to the essentials of leadership at Riverside.

3 Week Course

WEDNESDAY 3RD, 10TH & 17TH | OCTOBER | 8pm. Refreshments at 7:45pm.

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Find it difficult to say yes or say no? Say yes to this option!


Parentalk Part 2


'Being a parent brings some of life's biggest joys, as well as its greatest challenges...'

Come along to Parentalk for a chance to share your experiences, good and bad, and ask the questions on your heart. If you have children in or approaching the teenage years then this will be a really helpful space for you. We will be using the second half of the Parentalk course and covering the subjects of boundaries, parenting with elastic and creating a sense of belonging. 

Folake will be hosting the evenings as part of the Young Vineyard team. Do talk to her, Bethan or Dave for more information. See you there.

2 Week Course

Wednesday 3rd & 10th October | 8pm. Refreshments at 7:45pm.


Guitar for Worship


Beginners guitar for budding worship musicians. Bring your own guitar.

1 Week Sessions

All sessions at 8pm. Refreshments at 7:45pm.

| 3rd Oct |


| 10th Oct |


| 17th Oct |


Keyboard for Worship


Intro to Songwriting


Intro to Worship Leading


Intermediate to advanced keyboard forum for keyboardists actively serving in worship bands, leading from keys or with a playing ability around Grade 5.


This is a taster session to bring potential songwriters together. If you have written songs, or are interested in writing songs, join us as we discuss some basics of songwriting and application to worship.


An overview of why we do what we do when we lead worship. We'll touch on our Vineyard Values in worship, selecting songs for the worship journey and some practical demonstration of worship dynamics for a variety of settings. A great follow-on from Guitar for Worship


Money Management (CAP)

An introduction to managing your finances well.


Getting into the Bible

Want to get into engaging with the Bible each day but don't know where to start? This one's for you!



Feel you may be called to plant a church or lead a church site? Come along & find out more!